OncoRNALab Colleagues Shine at ACTC Conference 2023 with liquid biopsy RNA research

Unlocking New Horizons in RNA Research at Skiathos Conference

Greetings from the beautiful island of Skiathos, Greece! We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates from the recent conference that two of our talented colleagues from OncoRNALab attended between the 20th and 23rd of September 2023. During these days, the 6th edition of the Advances in Circulating Tumor Cells ( ACTC) took place. Although the name of the conference refers to Circulating Tumor Cells, it mainly focused on the latest advances and clinical applications of Liquid Biopsy in Precision oncology (circulating tumor cells, ctDNA, cfDNA, and - to a lesser extent - cfRNAs).

Anneleen was selected to present the groundbreaking exRNAQC study in a coveted oral presentation slot at the conference. The study received resoundingly positive feedback from fellow researchers and experts in the field. Check more about her talk here.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the conference was the opportunity for our colleagues to engage with a diverse array of researchers during breaks and poster sessions. Both Anneleen and Annelien presented posters that led to sparked discussions about possible collaborative efforts to further our RNA research.

You can have a look into Anneleen’s and Annelien’s posters following these links: “Reporting of pre-analytical variables in RNA-focused blood plasma studies: a prerequisite for quality assessment and replication” and “Pan-cancer blood plasma cell-free RNA profiles reveal cancer type and patient-specific changes”.

The picturesque setting of Skiathos provided the perfect backdrop for these intellectual exchanges, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie among attendees. The beautiful beaches and vibrant culture of Greece also added a touch of relaxation and inspiration to the conference experience.

As our colleagues return from this enriching experience, they bring back not only positive feedback and potential collaborations but also a renewed sense of purpose and excitement to continue pushing the boundaries of RNA research at OncoRNALab.

Anneleen Decock
Anneleen Decock
PostDoctoral Fellow

Working with extracellular RNA of liquid biopsies in cancer

Annelien Morlion
Annelien Morlion
Doctoral Fellow