Welcome Scott!

We welcome Scott Ailliet to the OncoRNALab team!

Scott Ailliet joined the OncoRNALab as a doctoral fellow. After he received his MSc in medicine in 2021, Scott enrolled in clinical biology through KU Leuven. He has two years of clinical experience in the clinical laboratories of AZ Sint-Maarten (Mechelen) and Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis (Lier).

During his doctoral fellow, Scott will work on an interuniversity research project “SOCan” that aims to develop a photoelectrochemistry-based ‘SOCan technology’ for the fast detection of clinically relevant levels of nucleic acid cancer biomarkers in patient samples.

Apart from that, Scott is fanatically enthousiastic about anything space or music related.

Scott Ailliet
Scott Ailliet
Doctoral Fellow